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In 1906 Sir John contributed £25,000 for the building of an open-air chapel at the new King Edward VII Sanatorium in Midhurst. The chapel was described as being "unique in design, being quite different from any other chapel that has yet been erected. Lady (Jessie) Brickwood has naturally taken a deep interest in it, and has worked the magnificent altar cloth, which is three feet long, and has a floral design with the sacred figure in the centre, and the emblems of the four evangelists at the corners."

Sir John & Lady Brickwood, 1906

Picture of altar cloth

"Sir John and Lady Brickwood received their Majesties (King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra) in the porch of the chapel. The King and Queen shook hands with them, and freely expressed their admiration of the chapel and of the beautiful embroidery. The accompanying portraits of Sir John and Lady Brickwood, and of the altar cloth, will be of interest to our readers."

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