Harry and Rosetta Brickwood had two sons: John (born 23/6/1852) and Arthur (born 13/2/1854 - the year that Harry's mother Fanny died and Harry took over the family brewing and pub business based at the Cobden Brewery in Arundel Street Portsmouth). They had three more children - Charles, Edward and Rosetta - all who died in infancy, with Rosetta dying herself aged only 33 three weeks after giving birth to the last. Harry joined the town council in 1860 but also died young in December 1862 aged 34.

Brickwoods was put into the hands of trustees - Messrs. Nash and White - pending John and Arthur's coming of age: between 1862 and 1874 the trustees acquired at least three more breweries. During these years John was educated at Trafalgar House School, Winchester, and Twyford. In 1874 John inherited his father's business after an apprenticeship at the Mitcham Brewery in south London, and was joined by brother Arthur in1875.

The brothers grew the business by acquisition, eventually becoming the largest brewer and pub owner in the town and then in the area. For more information on the history of the business follow this link:

Link to Brewery History

John married three times. His first marriage - at St Mary of the Angels in Westbourne Grove, London on 10th January 1881 - was to Eliza Miller. They had one daughter, Madeline Mary (born 4/2/1882): Eliza died in Lisbon in February 1889 (Sir John's granddaughter by his third marriage, Gail Brickwood, advises that Eliza "died at sea saving her baby". If this is true it is quite remarkably tragic, as Madeline married Franz Wachendorff of Wiesbaden at Portsmouth's R.C. Cathedral in 1907, but - according to thePeerage.com - herself drowned in July 1923 in the river Elbe with her son).

Picture of Madeline Brickwood and Oberforster Wachendorff